About Tatyana

Hi there, my name is Tatyana Deniz. I am an artist and a mother. I draw kawaii and create kawaii drawing tutorials.

If you ask yourself any of these questions, then this website is for you.

  • I wonder if I can learn to draw, even though I don’t have ‘talent’?
  • How can I introduce my children to drawing?
  • How can I achieve this cute ‘kawaii’ style of drawing in my own work?
Tatyana Deniz

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My Story

I could tell you that I’ve been drawing all my life, but that wouldn’t be true.

Like most children, I enjoyed drawing as a kid. Unfortunately, at the age of 10 I was told that I didn’t have drawing talent, so I shouldn’t bother to learn.

For the next 19 years I lived a “normal” life, worked a corporate job, and was very unhappy.

I wanted to draw!

Did I really need this stupid “talent” to learn how to draw? Of course not. But I didn’t know it back then.

Eventually, the pain of not drawing became bigger than the fear of failing.

At age 29, I quit my job and enrolled in art school full-time for a year. What did I have to lose?

But what if it worked? What would my life be, if I became good at drawing?!

Of course, it worked. I learned that “talent” is just another word for “hard work”. Everyone can draw. It just takes practice.

I am now a happy artist and a mum of two. Drawing is part of my daily life. And that’s the way I like it.