Welcome to my Resources section, where I share the materials and resources I use to create kawaii drawings you see on this website.

I personally own and use every single item on this page.

Manga for the Beginner: KAWAII
Best book for character design ideas, clothes and kawaii hairstyles.

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I Love Kawaii by Charuca
Gorgeous book that features artwork of 32 best kawaii artists. A gem for reference.

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Creative Doodling by Stephanie Corfee
Eye-candy book on doodling. Excellent for decorative techniques for illustration.

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Sakura Micron, Graphic, Brush Pens
My main drawing pen is Pigma Graphic. It’s my favourite for doing outlines, because it’s thick enough to draw a strong line, but thin enough to create a precise outline.

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Artline Drawing System Pens
When I just need a basic 0.4 sketching pen, I use Artline over Micron. Why? The best way I can describe it is “juicy”. It writes like butter. Plus, it lasts longer than the Micron pens.

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Copic Multiliner Pens
Copic Multiliners are extremely precise. They draw very thin, so I don’t use them for general drawing. I use Multiliners to correct uneven edges and shapes, and to draw small details.

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Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Grayscale
I use the thin end as a drawing pen, and the brush end for filling large areas with black. It produces very even tone, and it doesn’t bleed through the paper (like Sharpies).

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Markers, Pencils and Paints

  • Copic Ciao markers
  • Tombow Dual Brush markers
  • Prismacolor pencils
  • Caran d’ache pencils


  • Bleedproof paper for drawings to save
    • good for Copics and other pens
    • doesn’t buckle with wet media (like markers and ink)
    • more transparent that regular paper, good for tracing
    • very smooth and white, good for scanning finished art
    • can take a LOT of erasing without going fuzzy
  • A4 Printer paper for practice drawings and warm ups, although sometimes those come out good enough to keep!
  • Tracing paper
    • good for using with Sharpes, as they don’t run like they do on other paper
    • if using with other pens for tracing, prepare for smudging; use an extra half-sheet to place under your hand to prevent smudging
  • Bristol Vellum Surface


  • Faber-Castell dust-free eraser
  • General’s Kneaded eraser (for delicate or very precise erasing)

Other Supplies I use

  • Scalpel
  • Ruler
  • Paper clips, butterfly clips, long clips (banker’s clasps)
  • Lot’s of tea!

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